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Drop a beat with junk percussion

Here at GBCarnival we love live carnival music. We like people to get involved in our performances and junk percussion is a great way to join in. We often work with our friends, junk percussionists, Taru Arts and run drumming workshops in the weeks leading up to Carnival and then put our new band on de road

We can't run live workshops yet, so we have had a look around the web and found some fantastic resources both for making instruments and tips on playing them.

Explore new ways to make sounds, rhythm and music and when we come dancing down you street, come out and bang your drum

This man makes very impressive home made shakers, really nice.

This is good too, though not for younger people

For families with younger members, here are four easy to make instruments

Check out these two plastic bin drummers for a bit of inspiration

Learning music and exploring sound

I am so impressed with Rob's Kitchen Music Lessons that I am sharing a few. I am in for these. This first one is a brilliant challenge for all the family. Actually they all good. Just so much fun and really useful musical learning. Loved learning this.

I had these bowls at home so I tried this out. It was brilliant fun too

My whole family loved this

Percussion is for EVERYONE

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