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Go Wild-Life Activities

Here at GB Carnival,  we are looking at everything we do to make sure our activities are as environmentally friendly as possible. The Go Wildlife theme gives us an exciting way to think and learn about our local environment, the wildlife around us and how we can encourage and  support our wildlife to thrive



Download, cut out and make the carnival headpieces of a pipistrelle bat and a wall brown butterfly. Post your pictures and tag @gbcarnival, or wear them to your doorstep when the carnival comes by.

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Activity Workbook

We have a great activities booklet that you can download. If you complete the booklet you will have also done the all the work for Arts Award ‘Discover’.

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Drumming Workshop 

*All Ages

Want to join in and learn some drumming

Click Here

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Show your wildlife love and do the butterfly dance

*All Ages

Flower 01.png

Withy Workshop 

*All Ages

Follow these steps to make a large flower handheld

You can make all sorts of beautiful structures using withies and wet strength tissue paper – this gives you instructions for a flower then you can experiment once you know how the materials work together. You can use this method to make all sorts of sculptures and lanterns

If you can’t get withies try other thin (ideally bendy) sticks, or garden canes.

You will need

  • Withy (willow sticks) or other bendy sticks 

  • A Tray

  • Tissue Paper

  • PVA Glue 

  • Sponge / Paint Brush

  • Scissors

  • Masking Tape

  • Garden Cane / Bamboo or Willow

Bird 01.png

Build a Butterfly Table

*Adult Supervision

Here is a great video from the London Wildlife Trust’s Brilliant Butterflies project. It gives you lots of information about butterflies including instructions on how to make a butterfly table for your garden or balcony at 2.31 on the video.

You will need

  • A piece of wood

  • Lids from jars of different sizes and colours

  • 4 screw-in hooks

  • Coloured paper and card.

Ant 01.png

For more information from the Wildlife Trusts

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