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Make a monkey costume from things around your home

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Now you have your mask you need a monkey costume. Look around your home for clothes and props you could use. On the next few pages you will see what I found at my house and what next door found. Hopefully this will spark an idea that gets you started.

The woolly hat was a good find for my sock monkey look. Anything woolly would work, jumpers, woolly tights and so on.

Wannabe sock monkeys can’t go wrong with a onesie.

If you haven’t got a onesie try pyjamas

A hoodie and tracksuit bottoms would work as well

Glamourous sock monkey

Red cloth for headwrap

Red polka dot shirt

Tutu - what glamourous items are in your wardrobe?

When is a sock monkey mask ever wrong?

Next door is a monkey musician

While my monkey relaxes in the garden.

Come on, start monkeying around

What’s in your wardrobe that might

make a little monkey magic happen?

Ooer, they mean monkey business. What’s that? They are getting reading for Go Wild, the world’s first socially distanced Carnival? A Waltham Forest Premiere? I say.

Get into your monkey costume, join in our monkey business and Go Wild at home.

We will be visiting homes around these places, so if you live nearby why not?

Stay Home. Join In. Have Fun. Carnival.

We will be popping up round and about

Sun 30 Aug 1pm Chingford Hall

3pm Stocksfield Rd

Mon 31 Aug 1pm Beaumont

3pm Cathall

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