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Go Wild Face Painting

Face painting is a big part of carnival tradition. It is very popular and a great way to join in Go Wild from home. On the next few pages we have put together some links and tips to get you started if you are new to face painting and something to inspire the advanced face painters out there.

Tools and Tips

There is a well known brand of face paints that are widely available. Without endorsing any one product these are the ones you are likely to see for sale and we use them a lot. They are a good quality. Their website has some excellent free resources and is a good place to start because they have a run down of basic equipment and some great starter video's here.

They also have clear instructions on painting a very cool rainbow tiger

Monkey Business

Mandinga Arts are a carnival company that use face painting to great effect - check out the monkey make -up in this photo for inspiration.

If you want to start with something a little more simple, this monkey face is easy and fun

Just Lion Around

Lions are the kings of the jungle and make great face painting subjects

This is a nice easy video to follow

This one has easy to follow steps too

Get Ready to Go Wild August Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday

Face painting is fun. Let your imagination run wild and join in our carnival fun. Looking forward to seeing you August Bank Holiday Monday out and about in Waltham Forest

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