Serious Monkey Business


Make a Simple Monkey Mask from a Cereal Box

Suitable for all ages

Step 1

You will need:

  • A piece of card (a cereal box is ideal, very young people could use a paper plate).

  • Red, blue, yellow paint.

  • Paint tray or pot.

  • Black marker pen. Glue (stapler optional, not needed but adds strength) Wooden stick (flat craft ones are good ) Sticky tape.

  • Pencil and ruler. Scissors

Step 2

Draw and cut a circle, I drew around a small plate and cut out a circle of around 22cm for the head

Step 3

We all enjoy colour mixing. Mix red, yellow and blue together to make brown. Lots of red in the mix makes a rich, deep brown. Or make blue monkeys.

Step 4

Time to paint the head I used two coats of paint. When your paint is dry, fold in half and cut a heart shape out of the middle. I did this on a paper plate so you can see it more clearly. The bigger and wider the heart, the more of your face will show.

Step 5

Fold the heart shape in half and cut across it to make the ear shapes. Cut a smaller circle out of white card to make the inner ears. Glue your inner ear on the outer ear and glue the ears to the head. I put my ears on low, but they can look good a bit higher as well, so have a quick check where you like them best before you glue them on

Step 6

Then cut an oval shape from card to make the monkey’s muzzle. This one is 20 cm high by 16cm wide. If you glue the muzzle onto the V between the eyes, it makes the mask strong.

Step 7

I used a ruler to line up where I wanted the nose and mouth and to get a straight line and drew and painted on the face. Sock monkey!

Step 8

Use tape to fix a stick on the back. Craft sticks are good but I didn’t have any so I covered a bamboo in tape to stop the ends splitting and used that. My sock monkey is ready for action.

so now you've made your mask what about your monkey suit. See HERE for some ideas and inspiration.


Look what the neighbours made!