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The Lions of Waltham Forest


Make a Lion Mask from a large cardboard  box

Suitable for all ages

Step 1

Get all your equipment together

This is harder, though with more scope for your own design than the monkey mask. Younger makers may need some adult help


You will need:

  • A large piece of thin card, 

  • Some water based paint (red, blue and yellow, white) mixed together make light brown) 

  • Paint tray or pot

  • Black marker pen

  • Glue and stapler 

  • Pencil and ruler

  • Scissors

  • Any decorations like tissue paper (optional)

Step 2

  1. Draw a large circle. I drew round a frying pan.

  2. This circle is 30 cm by 32 cm, so not quite round.

  3. Then cut your circle out.  

Step 3

We all enjoy colour mixing.  Mix red, yellow,  blue and white to make light brown. I used lots of yellow in the mix.

Step 4

Paint the circle you have cut out brown, save some of the paint for the ears,

Step 5