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Download, cut out and make carnival headpieces, a Pipistrelle Bat and a Wall Brown Butterfly. Post your pictures and tag @gbcarnival, or wear them to your doorstep when the carnival comes by. 


Suitable for all ages

Step 1

You will need:

  • A piece of card (a cereal box is ideal, very young people could use a paper plate).

  • Red, blue, yellow paint.

  • Paint tray or pot.

  • Black marker pen. Glue (stapler optional, not needed but adds strength) Wooden stick (flat craft ones are good ) Sticky tape.

  • Pencil and ruler. Scissors

Step 2

Draw and cut a circle, I drew around a small plate and cut out a circle of around 22cm for the head

Step 3

We all enjoy colour mixing. Mix red, yellow and blue together to make brown. Lots of red in the mix makes a rich, deep brown. Or make blue monkeys.

Step 4

Time to paint the head I used two coats of paint. When your paint is dry, fold in half and cut a heart shape out of the middle. I did this on a paper plate so you can see it more clearly. The bigger and wider the heart, the more of your face will show.

Step 5